[standards-jig] JANA pt. 3

Mike Lin mikelin at MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 6 01:55:42 UTC 2002

> I imagine the role of standardizing XML Namespaces will not be terribly 
> important in the Big Scheme of things. JANA will mostly serve as a 
> central database of used and claimed namespaces, allowing people to 
> query that instead of sifting through large amounts of JEPs or 
> third-party docs.

The point of XML namespaces is that it is not necessary to reserve or
claim them. They are names that you choose to be globally unique. You
would choose a namespace http://www.theoretic.com/something and you
could be pretty sure that noone else would try to use that namespace,
since you control the theoretic.com name.

There is nothing _preventing_ someone from using that namespace if they
wanted to, but no one not trying to cause trouble would want to. (and if
they were trying to cause trouble, JANA would not deter them)

> > If
> > the browse/disco items are in question, maybe we should just make them
> > namespace-qualified.
> How do you mean? Are you referring to JID Types? If so, then you mean 
> turn JID Types into some type of namespace?

I'm suggesting that instead of having a central authority for granting
"JID-types", just make JID-types namespace-qualified. Then you won't
have name clashes. If I want to declare a new JID-type, I just qualify
it with my namespace. Other people can use it if they want to, so long
as they use the same semantics as me.

That stated, it might be useful to have a little PHP toy for people to
say which names they are using for what, but this, it seems to me, does
not really warrant the excitement we've been having over it.


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