[standards-jig] JANA pt. 3

Iain Shigeoka iain.shigeoka at messaginglogic.com
Tue Aug 6 16:23:06 UTC 2002

On 8/5/02 7:58 PM, "Thomas Muldowney" <temas at box5.net> wrote:

> While I do agree that the URL type namespaces work beautifully, and we
> should be using them more.  The idea that someone maintains a bit of a
> watch over what we give the http://jabber.org/protocol/blah urls to,
> would be beneficial.  Having that as a small group (JIG really) in the
> JSF makes a lot of sense and would ensure some amount of unity and
> thought in the namespace naming.  Otherwise I agree, a simple PHP based
> page could be used for people to avoid any real overlap, and that would
> only take a person or two, to approve posts to.

Right.  This discussion is getting back into Jabber using namespaces
correctly issues which should probably be spun off into a separate thread.
I would assume that the standard "well known" namespaces used for the core
protocols should use some standard, jabber.org namespace and these should be
JANA managed.  Outside of that, people should use their own unique
namespaces (under their own URL) and JANA really wouldn't need to track


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