[standards-jig] Namespaces

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Tue Aug 6 18:30:50 UTC 2002

On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 13:55, Dave Smith wrote:
> Greetings,
> Ok, we've danced around the issues for a while. Time to get serious and 
> deal with namespaces and Jabber. While the XML that Jabber generates 
> (externally) is correctly namespaced, the server itself has no knowledge 
> of namespaces.  As a person who is working on a new client with full 
> support for namespaces, I can safely say that having the server _appear_ 
> to support namespaces can cause many headaches. So where do we go from 
> here?
> I would like to see us as a community set a date goal for ourselves to 
> having proper namespace support in our servers. I believe we must do 
> this to provide sufficient motivation to have the transition complete 
> within a finite amount of time. My guess is that this transition will 
> take at most a year (September 1, 2003)? During this timespan we would 
> probably have breakage with clients that don't support properly 
> namespaced connections, so we'd have to work through some strategies for 
> figuring out at connection time whether or not a client has full 
> namespace support; one way of doing this would be to have namespaced 
> servers and clients using a different port; or vice-versa.
> These points are all just a starting point for this process, but I 
> believe that we _must_ pursue full namespace compliance in the near 
> future.
> Comments? :)

Ok, first off, I agree with temas. We should set the date earlier than

Second, I don't see why clients have to break. The server should be
accomodating to the namespace usage that the client gives. I think we
should build up some examples...


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