[standards-jig] Namespaces

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Tue Aug 6 19:33:05 UTC 2002

As temas said, this process has already begun with jabberd in the 1.5
development, experimental full namespace support should be out in the
coming month(s).

The only reason we're limited right now is because of the poor
implementation, it isn't a fault of the protocol, it is only restricted
due to there having been no server implementations with full namespace
support :(

> <server-developer-bias> Proper server side namespace support seems like 
> a big enough deal without having to worry about clients partially 
> implementing namespaces.  If we do it, let's forget feature negotiation 
> to support lesser clients.  Lesser clients are clients that are no
> longer under development or are unwilling to provide full namespacing 
> support.  </server-developer-bias>

To make a point clear:  there isn't any negotiation needed to support
existing clients, there is nothing that breaks any existing clients or any
requirement to do so that would limit full server namespace support.  This
only adds new functionality and fully backs the statement that the
protocol makes use of XML Namespaces.


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