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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Tue Aug 6 23:46:43 UTC 2002

> These points are all just a starting point for this process, but I 
> believe that we _must_ pursue full namespace compliance in the near 
> future.

As a couple of people have noted, I've done some work on getting
full namespace support into 1.5.

However, I think some clarifications need to be made:

1) When people full namespace compliance, what do they mean exactly? My
   understanding (and the answer I got when I posed the question to
   jdev) is that this simply means support for arbitrary prefixes. Is
   this correct?

2) Since a normal connection has two XML streams, and thus, two XML
   documents, are the namespace prefixes required to be the same for
   both streams? ie, is this valid?

C: <foo:stream
S: <stream:stream
C: <bar:iq type='set' id='a1'>
S: <iq type='result' id='a1'/>

IMO, this should be allowed. Full namespace support requires some
fundamental changes to the way a XML streams implementation works, and I
know from my work on 1.5 that this is much easier to implement than
keeping prefixes the same would be.

There should be a JEP on this, to outline exactly what the requirements


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