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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Wed Aug 7 00:24:37 UTC 2002

> I've implemented the algorithm to do this twice now, in Scheme and
> OCaml. In fact, the OCaml XMPP library that I'm going to release Real
> Soon Now lets you specify namespace associations by URI, while the
> library handles emitting the correct prefixes. The goals that it has to
> achieve are straightforward, but the details of actually doing it are
> intricate and very easy to screw up. Is It Worth It?

That's exactly the way I'm planning to implement the stream lib for 1.5.
And yes, its a pain in the arse - since the 1.5 DOM (such that it is)
assumes that each object is a document unto itself, it effectively
involves tracking the stream namespaces, and then each packet gets
initialised with the tracked namespaces, changing the prefixes on the
fly. It will work, but its very ugly, and I wish I didn't have to do it.

> I have to say it's my opinion that we should leave Jabber the way it is
> and just dump the whole "streaming document" paradigm in JNG, so that
> each packet is a self-contained document. Like using XML structure for
> framing, the "streaming document" looks nice on paper, but I think it's
> just not worth it because it's too hard to do right. Anyway, I know this
> is an unpopular position, so I won't push it further (for now).

I agree completely. The time will come in the not-too-distant future
where we will need to seperate the transport from the application.


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