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Thomas Muldowney temas at box5.net
Wed Aug 7 18:16:29 UTC 2002

Just as a note, I gave some of my thoughts to theo in the jdev chat. 
The log is:  


Starting at 12:47pm.


On Tue, 2002-08-06 at 16:20, Adam Theo wrote:
> After some discussion in jdev at conference.jabber.org, I have decided to 
> write up my ideas for "Core Tool Protocols" and spearhead an effort to 
> begin building them in the current Jabber platform.
> Core Tools Protocols are one of three layers for Jabber 2.0 (or Jabber 
> NextGen as it has been called in the past). For reference, it is the 
> middle layer, with the Routing layer underneath it and the Environments 
> layer building on top of it. The Core Tools Protocols are a set of XML 
> protocols that each do a specific task well, and rely on the others to 
> enhance or extend those tasks. It attempts to bring the UNIX philosophy 
> of many small, highly specialized programs that work together to produce 
> some greater task, instead of a handful of monolithic programs that 
> often overlap or duplicate functionality. These Core Tool Protocols 
> would be used by applications and other protocols to build Environments 
> such as Instant Messaging, chat rooms, digital identity, e-receipts, and 
> many others.
> I had planned to carefully build them as the start to Jabber 2.0, but 
> after some good advice from dizzyd, I have realized that Jabber 2.0 
> should not be a hard break from the current protocols. It should instead 
> be a gradual, evolutionary progress that results in a whole new 
> generation for the Jabber protocol. Instead of being built specifically 
> for this new generation, the Core Tool Protocols should be built for the 
> current one, and fixed/improved/de-bugged over time until the world is 
> ready for Jabber 2.0.
> With this recent talk of Disco, Packet Headers, generic 
> select/navigation, and Feature Negotiation, now is the time for us to 
> settle on this Core Tool model and plan around it as we finalize these 
> various efforts. I will start by listing possible Core Tool Protocols, 
> what other Core Tool Protocols they could rely on, and what specialized 
> functionality they would provide.
> * Discovery ("iq:disco") - Would query an entity about supported 
> features and related entities associated with it. Could use Search to 
> refine/filter results.
> * Negotiation ("iq:negotiation"?) - Would choose one out of many 
> presented options based on defined rules. Could use Discovery to get the 
> list of options in the first place.
> * Authentication ("iq:auth") - Would make sure entities are who they 
> claim to be. Could be used by Permissions and Discovery to ensure security.
> * Permissions ("iq:perm"?) - Would control access to certain actions and 
> data of the user. Could be used by Discovery or Storage to make sure 
> sensitive data is not revealed to the wrong users.
> * Subscribe ("iq:pubsub") - Would allow users to subscribe to select 
> content sent or updated by the publisher. Could be used by...
> * Headers ("iq:headers"?) - Would be used to provide extensible 
> addressing, threading, trace routes, time stamps, and other meta-data. 
> Could be used by Subscribe to define topics.
> * Storage ("iq:profiles"?) - Would provide a common yet powerful 
> interface for management of all user data in a distributed and generic 
> manner. Could be used by Subscribe to archive publishings.
> * Search ("iq:select"?) - Would refine and filter results and options 
> based on user-defined criteria. Could be used by Discovery to limit the 
> number of results returned or return only certain types of features or 
> entities.
> We should start working on Core Tool Protocols by expanding and refining 
> the above list. Do you think anything from above should be removed or 
> altered? Can you think of any other specific functionality that should 
> be added to the above list?
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