[standards-jig] Jabber Icons

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Aug 7 19:16:12 UTC 2002

I have received alot of good feedback about Jabber Icons, JEP 0038 

I have made some updates to the JEP at Theoretic, correcting a couple of 
typos and making some grammar corrections.

One bit of feedback asked me to include the ability for users to turn 
text such as "LOL" and "hello" into "rich text" style text like boldness 
and colors instead of simply graphics and sounds. Note a difference of 
this from having the sender define the XHTML for the recipient to see 
would be that this is the *recipient* deciding what text looks like, not 
the sender. One use of allowing text formatting recipient-side is to 
duplicate/replace the common practice of clients to highlight the user's 
name in chats.

I've decided to use XHTML, along these lines:

     <text default="true" language="en" alt="woman">::woman::</text>
     <text transport="msn" alt="woman">(x)</text>
     <xhtml><b><font color="red">woman</font></b></xhtml>

That's a crude example, just throwing it out there to get feedback.

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