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Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Fri Aug 9 03:14:55 UTC 2002

> The Jabber XML Streams implementation I did in OCaml this summer is
> about 600 lines of code in all, not counting the special XML parser I
> had to write to make it work.
> I wrote something to read my binary wire protocol and envelope format
> yesterday afternoon. It's about 250 lines of code, and I'm a lot more
> confident that it works right.

Exactly. And these means software that is easier to write, easier to
debug, easier to optimise, and without as many logic hoops to jump

> Anyway, this is a question over which reasonable people can disagree. I
> have thought for a long time, and I've become more convinced by
> implementing it, that by using a binary protocol for framing we can get
> enormous benefits for acceptable cost.

It's like anything - we need to find a compromise. On one end we have
something that can be manipulated by a machine extremely easily and
efficiently, but is can't easily be worked with by a human, and on the
other end we have something that can be easily read and written by a
human without any other tools, but is harder for a machine to work with.
The key is to find the correct balance.


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