[standards-jig] Invisibility Support in Jabber

Jeremie jeremie at jabber.org
Fri Aug 9 05:25:34 UTC 2002

> It makes things more complicated, but doesn't really make invisibility 
> work better.

It makes it much easier for the clients to implement the "invisible by
default and visible to a few" feature, and in comparison to the presence
work the server is already doing this is relatively small and very

> For example, I still can't say "I want to be invisible to these people 
> always" unless I stay invisible and manually send initial presence to 
> every single user in my roster; otherwise I come online first, which is 
> an event logged by their client..

Actually, the protocol can do this, but this specific behavior just hasn't
been defined (or implemented) yet.  All a client should need to do is log
in, send invisible to the always people, then just come online like
normal.  It's the same as coming online then sending invisibles to certian
jids, the server remembers (and should in both cases, not just the latter)
who to remain invisible to.


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