[standards-jig] JNG Ramblings.

Iain Shigeoka iain.shigeoka at messaginglogic.com
Mon Aug 12 17:18:53 UTC 2002

On 8/9/02 11:03 AM, "Jonathan Pobst" <jpobst at utk.edu> wrote:

> You'll have to excuse my likely uneducated question, but why wouldn't
> something like this work just as well?
> <route to='someone at jabber.org' from='me at jabber.org' xmlns='jabber2:message'
> size='123'/>
> <route to='someone at jabber.org' from='me at jabber.org' xmlns='jabber2:message'>
> <message type='chat'><body>Hey There!</body></message>
> </route>
> The first message is basically the envelope stuff that is being proposed,
> which is then followed up the actual message.

The current framing JEP proposes essentially this format.  The problem is
you still need to parse XML (at least the first tag) in order to get the
frame info.  This pushes XML into the framing layer and XML allows you to do
all sorts of nasty things that are hard to predict and deal with.  So, for
the current Jabber protocols, I think we are going to use something like
what you suggest.  

The key is that for JNG we'd like to make framing simpler to support to
enable more options and a more robust infrastructure.


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