[standards-jig] JNG Ramblings.

Justin Karneges justin-jdev at affinix.com
Thu Aug 15 00:00:06 UTC 2002

Hi Rob,

> FYI, I'm currently documenting an implementation of Apache, mod_dav,
> mod_auth_jabber and iq:oob to do file transfers. I don't see a reason
> why HTTP can't be used for all types of binary data - that's kinda what
> its for.

Have you looked at my "JID Stream" document?  I posted it to the list earlier 
today.  It includes a section about file transfer, which I think would work 
very well over a generic bytestream.

However, I realize there are other possible file transfer methods, like 
webdav.  Perhaps we could combine our efforts to support multiple file 
transfer methods via jabber:iq:negotiate.


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