[standards-jig] Another JNG Thread - Trademark

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Sun Aug 18 20:09:55 UTC 2002

Hi all.

With all this talk on Jabber NextGen recently, I've been wondering 
exactly how we should plan on referring to it in the future. Will it 
actually be called "Jabber Next Generation", with namespace prefixes of 
"jng", perhaps? Or will it be "Jabber 2.0" as I've been using? Or 
something different, not named after Jabber?

I used to think that it should be "Jabber 2.0", since Jabber NextGen is 
too code-name-ish. I used to hate the name "Jabber", but have becom 
rather fond of the silly name. But as some have pointed out, the 
resulting generic transport protocol would *not* be Jabber, and would 
likely only confuse people who are not involved with the development. 
So, I'm thinking that a completely new name should be in order. We 
should begin discussing it now, I think.

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