[standards-jig] LAST CALL: Service Discovery (JEP-0030)

Jeremy Nickurak atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com
Tue Dec 3 02:22:23 UTC 2002

I know it's kind of late for such a feature, but I'd like to hear if
anybody thinks this would be appropriate.

Some time ago I had a discussion with several people on jdev at c.j.o over
the idea of browsing newsgroups, mailing lists, imap mailboxes, etc,
over jabber. It occurs to me that each of these has the potential for a
hierachical organization of items. In particular, jids, perhaps in the
form mail.jabber.org/lists/standards-jig can easilly represent
folders/lists/groups. This could relatively easilly fit into the disco

What would become more difficult, as I see it, would be the actual
content, in particular, messages, since they don't have an obvious JID
scheme. Such a scheme could be invented, against the packet id's, or
something similar.

Does anyone have any opinions on whether or not the storage of things
like message packets could be fit into the disco scheme without too much
trouble? At first glance, i'd suggest that other top-level stream
elements (like presence) might not be appropriate, however doing so
could allow things like complete mu-conference logs. The creation of a
standard means of displaying such archives/lists and the relevant
content would also be useful because it could allow clients that don't
yet have it to kill two birds with one stone: writing code to browse
their own logs as well as conferences, mailboxes, etc.

Admitidly, this is well outside the scope of "Service Discovery" (at
least as far as it's name is concerned), but nonetheless it seems to
hold potential as an ideal delivery architecture for such archives of
elements, without receiving the entire mass of complete messages with
body. In addition, I think the ability of disco to be adapted to things
like email, newsgroup, and mailing-list reading in the very near future
with a relatively simple set of components would be a major incentive
for client writers to support what has occasionally been called "just
another iq:browse".

Direct flames/insults to me. Anything more positive, please share on
standards-jig :)

Jeremy Nickurak <atrus at jabber.spam.rifetech.com>

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