[standards-jig] JEP-0030 (Disco): Categories "application" and "user"

Matthew A. Miller linuxwolf at outer-planes.no-ip.com
Fri Dec 6 17:06:27 UTC 2002

Let me first preface this with "this is just my opinion".  Next, I think
most of the "deficiencies" mentioned for JEP-0030 (disco) are
implementation issues, and not necessarily flaws in the protocol
itself.  After reading the various posts on JEP-0030 to date, it seems
there is a certain level of "tunnel-vision" in effect.

The root to the deficiency claims isn't the protocol, but is the lack of
category/type coverage.  In comparison to "jabber:iq:browse" (disco's
predecessor), this becomes a little more noticable.  Some of the
categories (and their types) from browse may no longer be applicable (or
yet applicable), or have been "re-assigned".  I do currently see the
need for two more categories; "application" and "user".

-- CATEGORY "application" --
The "application" category in intended for the "extremities" of the
Jabber network graph.  In this category, I see the following types:

- "application/user-client":	Indicates the JID is (or acts like) the
"classic" GUI/CLI/TUI/"whateverUI" application that allows humans to
interact with the rest of the Jabber world.  Hopefully the JSF
Compliance committee would expand what what being a "client" really

- "application/automaton":	Indicates the JID functions as a "classic"
bot of some sort, such as ChatBot, MemberBot.
-- CATEGORY "application" --

-- CATEGORY "user" --
The "user" category is intended to "classify" a JID which would almost
always be a definable entity.  Below are some possible examples:

- "user/admin":			Indicates the JID functions in some sort of
administrative role.

- "user/person":		Indicates the JID is just your average (human?) user.

- "user/group":			Indicates the JID represents a number of other JIDs.

- "user/muc-owner":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID is an owner of a
Multi-Chat room.[1]

- "user/muc-admin":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID has admin rights in a
Multi-Chat room (when querying the room) or Multi-Chat server (when
querying the server).[1]

- "user/muc-moderator":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID has moderator
rights in a Multi-Chat room.[1]

- "user/muc-visitor":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID has visitor rights
in a Multi-Chat room.[1]
-- CATEGORY "user" --

This is my take anyway, and YMMV.  *POLITE* flames would be appreciated,

[1]	It isprobably better to define these types with JEP-0045 rather than


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