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Ben Schumacher ben at blahr.com
Fri Dec 6 17:41:34 UTC 2002

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I like this idea. It simplifies things a lot, and makes it so that we
don't have to keep an extra map of foled JIDs to non-folded JIDs. Is
really a strong reason to not do this? (I'm going to ignore any messages
that state things like "stringprep" -- just fyi.)


Craig Kaes wrote:
| As long as we're opening up this can of worms, how do folks at large
| like the node identifier requirement that they be compared in a case
| insensitive manner but case must maintained?  In implementing a simple
| pubsub mechanism, this forces one to maintain a case-folded
| canonicalized JID (for queries like "show all subscriptions held by
| foo at bar.com") as well as the JID that was sent in (for sending of
| notifications to "FoO at bar.com").  Why can't I just send to the
| case-folded canonicalized JID?  The current implementations may not
| route cacnonicalized JIDs having multibyte characters correctly, but
| that is no reason to muddy the spec with this requirement, IMHO.
| --C
| Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
|> Well, I'd prefer to leave well enough alone since we don't really know
|> how
|> people want to use resources -- I can definitely see a use for '/' and
|> '@'
|> and probably a few others that are forbidden by the node identifier spec.
|> Many such characters need to be escaped anyway when the entity provides
|> the resource on login (e.g., <resource><work/></resource>).
|> The specific concern that Justin raised was enabling JIDs to be shown in
|> RFC822 style, such as <stpeter at jabber.org> or (including the resource)
|> <stpeter at jabber.org/Work>. If I create a funky resource like
|> <work>office</work> then such a representation looks weird. But I see no
|> special reason to follow RFC822 syntax in Jabber.
|> Peter
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