[standards-jig] Two Jabber features for the wishlist...

Hal Rottenberg hal at nx2k.com
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The Psi jabber client can login to multiple JIDs at once.  I use this to
login to my work and home accounts at the same time and it works great.

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I may have missed something in the docs (feel free to point me in the
right direction if this is the case), but there are two features that I
think are badly needed but don't exist in the current specs:

1) Jabber equivalent to email aliases.

I would really like a way to be able to be online with one Jabber
account, but have messages from multiple JID's sent to my contact list.
I use this a lot with email.  Eg I may want to be logged on as
user at home.org but people who have added me as user at work.com would also
see me online.  This could be taken further, and allow the user to log
on and off specific "virtual JID's" at will, but I would settle for
static ones for now.

2) Sending events to an offline resource.

Often I am talking to someone who is at work (say user2 at isp.net/work)
about a non-work related topic - say I have found a URL of interest, but
he/she doesn't currently have time to read it.  I then want to send it
to them (say user2 at isp.net/home which is offline) so that it is waiting
for them when they get home.

I know both of these have problems - eg there is no way to search a list
of resources that are offline etc - but has anyone looked at
implementing these features?


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