[standards-jig] JEP-0030 (Disco): Categories "application" and "user"

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Dec 9 19:52:58 UTC 2002

True, the "coverage" for types and categories may not be as complete in
disco as in browse. Then again, many of the entries in browse were
placeholders for future functionality (which still are not a reality
today). The JANA process is set up to handle such additions in the future
for disco and I think we can discuss them on this list as we need to,
without holding up the disco *protocol* in the least.


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

On 6 Dec 2002, Matthew A. Miller wrote:

> Let me first preface this with "this is just my opinion".  Next, I think
> most of the "deficiencies" mentioned for JEP-0030 (disco) are
> implementation issues, and not necessarily flaws in the protocol
> itself.  After reading the various posts on JEP-0030 to date, it seems
> there is a certain level of "tunnel-vision" in effect.
> The root to the deficiency claims isn't the protocol, but is the lack of
> category/type coverage.  In comparison to "jabber:iq:browse" (disco's
> predecessor), this becomes a little more noticable.  Some of the
> categories (and their types) from browse may no longer be applicable (or
> yet applicable), or have been "re-assigned".  I do currently see the
> need for two more categories; "application" and "user".
> -- CATEGORY "application" --
> The "application" category in intended for the "extremities" of the
> Jabber network graph.  In this category, I see the following types:
> - "application/user-client":	Indicates the JID is (or acts like) the
> "classic" GUI/CLI/TUI/"whateverUI" application that allows humans to
> interact with the rest of the Jabber world.  Hopefully the JSF
> Compliance committee would expand what what being a "client" really
> means.
> - "application/automaton":	Indicates the JID functions as a "classic"
> bot of some sort, such as ChatBot, MemberBot.
> -- CATEGORY "application" --
> -- CATEGORY "user" --
> The "user" category is intended to "classify" a JID which would almost
> always be a definable entity.  Below are some possible examples:
> - "user/admin":			Indicates the JID functions in some sort of
> administrative role.
> - "user/person":		Indicates the JID is just your average (human?) user.
> - "user/group":			Indicates the JID represents a number of other JIDs.
> - "user/muc-owner":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID is an owner of a
> Multi-Chat room.[1]
> - "user/muc-admin":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID has admin rights in a
> Multi-Chat room (when querying the room) or Multi-Chat server (when
> querying the server).[1]
> - "user/muc-moderator":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID has moderator
> rights in a Multi-Chat room.[1]
> - "user/muc-visitor":		(JEP-0045) Indicates the JID has visitor rights
> in a Multi-Chat room.[1]
> -- CATEGORY "user" --
> This is my take anyway, and YMMV.  *POLITE* flames would be appreciated,
> though...
> [1]	It isprobably better to define these types with JEP-0045 rather than
> JEP-0030 
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