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Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
Fri Dec 13 00:27:17 UTC 2002

Wireless Village is now part of the Open Mobile Alliance
(www.openmobilealliance.org).  Iain is correct, interoperability with the
OMA IMPS WG specifications (formerly wireless village) is the ideal manner
to interface to mobile systems as they have developed a very comprehensive
client-server protocol for wireless IM and presence and all of the leading
wireless/mobile vendors are strongly behind the effort.  Jabber,Inc. is a
member of OMA and currently has projects underway to develop an interface
enabling a Jabber server to interoperate with OMA/WV clients.  I believe
others in the Jabber community such as Antepo and Tipic have or are working
on similar efforts.


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On 12/11/02 1:00, "Michael Brown" <michael at aurora.gen.nz> wrote:

>> I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to communicate on IM from
> my Mobile PDA with SMS.
>> AOL's IM offers the ability to send and receive IM's through Verizon
> Wireless service.  However, I don't have Verizon and is not offered as
> service through my mobile PDA.
>> Any JEPs suggesting a link to AOL IM and another messaging server on the
> web that sends and receives SMS?
> IMO SMS should just be supported as a regular transport.  All it would
> is a simple transport that talked to the API provided from an SMS
> (there are several in Australia and around the world).
> The down side to this is you would generally require an account with the
> provider, as someone has to pay for the messages you send.  (Or maybe it
> an upside...who would have though, Jabber generating revenue for someone)

I think it may be a good opportunity to bring up interoperability with
Wireless Village (www.wireless-village.org). I think this may be the best
mechanism for supporting the entire class of low capability devices with
IM/chat. It would appear that most future mobile devices will have wireless
village capabilities built in (or AIM... Blech). It may be best to figure
out optimal integration and interoperability with that standard rather than
brute force access to SMS via gateway or what have you.


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