[standards-jig] Pondering DTCP

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Dec 13 09:42:05 UTC 2002

Hi Justin!

Justin Karneges wrote:

>As for arbitrary TCP tunneling, that could be used for any kind of server 
>application that may want take advantage of DTCP's reverse connections.  Say 
>you are behind NAT, but wish to serve http?  or mp3 streaming?  All is 
I don't understand how you want to server http behind a firewall with 
DTCP. If you have DTCP I can't see how this would help a web browser to 
connect to a http server behind your nat router.

And with mp3 streaming it's neither anything we need DTCP for. If you 
want to stream a MP3 file over a tcp connection (DTCP is one) you can 
use http. If you really want cool MP3 streaming use RTP (real time 
transfer protocol). This protocol prevents you from problems with 
hanging connections due to lost packets and even enables multicast (a 
very cool thing - people broadcasting internet radio over their home 
internet account - and Jabber as a way to connect to these stations) - 
you can even extend the possibilities of MP3 streaming by adding RTSP to 
RTP, this enables you to pause the stream, fast forward, ...

Tot kijk

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