[standards-jig] Pondering DTCP

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.net
Fri Dec 13 17:02:17 UTC 2002

Hi Tom!

Tom wrote:

>I really don't need my server admin sniffing my freaky p0rn.  We all know
>Jabber is an open standard and not subject to the whim of you, I, or any
>one entity.
Using http doesn't mean that you have to put the file through the server.

1. You try to let the other user http GET the file on the client build 
in mini http server.
2. You try to http PUT the file to the others clent build in mini http 
3. Fallback: PUT the file on the http server of the Jabber server and 
let the other user GET the file.

If no party or only the receiving party is firewalled / NATed the first 
case will work.
If only the sending party is firewalled / NATed the second case will work.
If both parties are firewalled / NATed the third case will work.

This are all the cases filetransfers over DTCP and IBB solve together 
and we only need one protocol (http) for this.
I think it will even work more often then Jidlink: Often you can connect 
through a http proxy where neither incoming nor outgoing connections are 
possible (there case where we have http polling for). But at least the 
3rd case will work for file transfers then.

An other thing: As you can see on jadmin some companies want to log what 
people did (- I don't like that -). This can be implemented with http 
only allowing the clients to do the 3rd case too.

Tot kijk

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