[standards-jig] General "Trasport -- Gateway" question?

Dave Waite mass at akuma.org
Fri Dec 13 21:12:09 UTC 2002

Hagen Denton wrote:

>We are University students doing a report on Jabber and its 
>capabilities.  We are interested in how exactly Jabber 
>handles 'gateway' communication and especially account registration on 
>foreign services especially services such as AIM.
>e.g:  if I send a messege to through Jabber to my friend on AIM... What 
>account does my friend on AIM think I'm using?
Most IM networks (i.e. all the ones I know of which are deployed) do not 
have a notion of distributed servers; there is a single server farm 
responsible for all of the users of the service. Because of this, there 
is neither a way for a Jabber server to directly connect to or be 
connected from these services; communication is proxied over the 
existing connection mechanism, a user's account. Usually an individual 
user will register their account with jabber for the remote service, 
then the host running the transport (i.e. msn.jabber.org) will carry the 
facade of the remote system; to that user, entities on the remote system 
will appear as entities on the transport host (i.e. 
test-user%passport.com at msn.jabber.org). Communication between the jabber 
user and these proxied entities is translated by the transport software, 
so that the remote user sees the messages coming from the jabber user's 
account on that service.

Does that help you for your report?

-David Waite

>Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
> Hagen, Richard and John
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