[standards-jig] A Proposal to the DTCP/JOBS/PASS madness

Jer jer at jabber.org
Fri Dec 13 20:30:43 UTC 2002

> I did some thinking last nite and have an idea on how we can deal with
> some of the outstanding issues facing the community. Let me now present
> my case..

Excellent Diz, I go to sit down and write my own summary, and find out 
you've already done one better, nice :)

As was mentioned in the brief council meeting last night, using HTTP as 
the standard mechanism still "downgrades" to a standard async 
bytestream TCP socket using the standard CONNECT method in the HTTP 
spec.  What I also like about HTTP is that you don't need to transfer 
any meta info about the file xfer, such as media, size, etc, you use 
HTTP HEAD, that in addition to the plethora of proxies in the middle 
(PASS-style works as well) and other software/libs that can be bolted 
onto clients to hand off requests to.  There's also the possibility of 
doing HTTPS, and even certificate auth for better security.

I'd say that this is an excellent 80/20 solution, if not better, it may 
not be optimal in some rare situations, but it's simplicity and 
immediate usability will make up for it general file transfer use.  
It's very much in line with the original OOB mindset *g*.


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