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Tony Bamonti tbamonti at jabber.com
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With all due respect, your assertion that Wireless Village is dead is at
best an exaggeration and at worst outright wrong.   While Wireless Village
as an independent initiative has ceased to exist, it is now part of the
greater Open Mobile Alliance family.  There is still significant commitment,
progress and work on-going based on the WV specifications.  I think that the
companies that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars as OMA sponsor
members and employing people full time to work on instant messaging
standards within OMA would argue vehemently with your assessment.  These
efforts are still being strongly driven by Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson and
appear to have significant support by the wireless carrier/operator
communities.  While some manufacturers may be taking a short term strategy
of deploying a proprietary solution to get a product to market, there still
appears to be a strong strategic commitment to defining and deploying mobile
standards by the leading manufacturers and carriers.

I will however concede that you are correct with regard to how SMS is being
supported and deployed today and probably for the forseeable
future.......SMS really doesn't require WV and the SMS gateway and center
operators are still critical to the equation.  But I also believe you will
see a much stronger demand for OMA IM&P standards compliance by wireless
operators over the course of the next 12 months.

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The wireless village initiative is dead. No aggreement have been reached
among large members about implementing the support in mass market terminal
devices, and all manufacturer are walking away abnd comming back to
proprietary solutions.
In any case having a WV compliant interface wouldn have meant having a WV
client protocol implemented, and above all would not have meant beaing able
to get rid of the SMS gateway.
Today there is one single big player (Logica/CMG) that represent some 70% of
the SMS center market and several smaller players (Erricsson, Nokia, Sema)
and all these machines belong to telcos. Without access to a telco network,
no SMS is possible, as SMS uses the SS7 signaling path.

I am sorry to say that your analysis is not up to date with the actaul state
of this market, and that apart from being a good source of ideas to
implement protocoles, the WV initiative will not lead to concrete

That said, we do provide commercial grade XMPP/SMS gateways using either
SMPP, CMIP or UCP as connection protocol. We have several of this gateways
operating in telcos environment, and you would not find another way of doing
SMS: there should be acommercial agreement between the XMPP service provider
and an
SMS provider, either directly or through a third party.

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> On 12/11/02 1:00, "Michael Brown" <michael at aurora.gen.nz> wrote:
> >
> >
> >> I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to communicate on IM
> > my Mobile PDA with SMS.
> >>
> >> AOL's IM offers the ability to send and receive IM's through Verizon
> > Wireless service.  However, I don't have Verizon and is not offered as
> > service through my mobile PDA.
> >>
> >> Any JEPs suggesting a link to AOL IM and another messaging server on
> > web that sends and receives SMS?
> >
> > IMO SMS should just be supported as a regular transport.  All it would
> need
> > is a simple transport that talked to the API provided from an SMS
> wholesaler
> > (there are several in Australia and around the world).
> >
> > The down side to this is you would generally require an account with the
> > provider, as someone has to pay for the messages you send.  (Or maybe it
> is
> > an upside...who would have though, Jabber generating revenue for
> I think it may be a good opportunity to bring up interoperability with
> Wireless Village (www.wireless-village.org). I think this may be the best
> mechanism for supporting the entire class of low capability devices with
> IM/chat. It would appear that most future mobile devices will have
> village capabilities built in (or AIM... Blech). It may be best to figure
> out optimal integration and interoperability with that standard rather
> brute force access to SMS via gateway or what have you.
> -iain
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