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Thu Dec 19 14:49:01 UTC 2002

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Your SMTP server requires IDENT to operate efficiently? Your SMTP server is

As an aside, may I remind you ALL that jabber clients are supposed to be
used by lusers, in addition to yourselves? Most lusers I know have no idea
what NAT is, whether or not they're behind a firewall, or even what thir IP
address is.

If you want to write a client which can accept clueful "hints" from lusers,
so be it - but don't kid yourself by thinking it should be part of the spec
- it shouldn't.

Clients should be prepared to figure out, without luser intervention, how to
reach another client, if you're going to do p2p and have anyone other than
yourselves use it.

I can't think of any other messenger client which requires user knowledge of
their network in order to function, although I can think of one or two which
will use hints to function better/faster.

As far as tcp timeouts are concerned, they're unavoidable, unless we somehow
get privledged access to the TCP stack, and there's no way that should be in
the spec. ;) The trick is writing a spec with enough intelligence to deal
with diverse networking conditions (Some of you have already realized and
said this, some of you may not have).

 My 0.02

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> On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 07:20:24AM -0700, Peter G. Millard wrote:
> > basically white-listing for p2p connections). These are 2 
> simple things that
> > will mitigate the "wait for a TCP timeout here" stuff 
> several people have
> > mentioned. It's the job of the client/consumer applications 
> of this protocol
> > to use it "wisely".
> I got many complaints by users who said that our mail server was
> extremely slow. In all cases, these users missconfigured 
> their personal
> firewalls to discard ident requests instead of answering them 
> or sending
> a RST, so the SMTP server had to wait for a TCP timeout. Some of them 
> where unable to correct that problem.
> So I think configuring a jabber client properly would be too difficult
> for these users. They just don't understand IP networking.
> Jan
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