[standards-jig] moving forward on bytestreams

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Fri Dec 20 23:49:21 UTC 2002

The Last Call on JEP 46 has just ended. Since we have not yet reached
consensus, since realistically nothing is going to happen in the next two
weeks, since JEP 46 has probably changed enough that it cannot be sent to
the Council right now (certainly not until the latest changes are checked
into CVS and published on the JEP site), and since no one has suggested an
alternative path for moving forward on the bytestreams issue (JEP 46 vs.
65), as JEP Editor I am going to proceed with the suggestion I made in my
post from a few days ago. [1] Specifically:

1. I am going to propose a Last Call for JEP 65 on the members list. I'm
assuming there is enough support for a Last Call to be issued.

2. Authors of JEP 46 and JEP 65 will have until January 6th to update
their JEPs and ready them for discussion by the list. 

3. I will request that a member of the Council write a brief report about
the bytestreams issue, providing context for the discussion.

4. Open discussion of these JEPs (i.e., concurrent Last Call) will run
from Monday, January 6 until Friday, January 17. (I would prefer that
the authors not publish interim versions during the Last Call, so make
sure your JEPs as good as you can make them by January 6!)

5. After Last Call ends, the JEP authors will be expected to make any necessary
modifications to their JEPs in preparation for proposing them to Council.

6. The Council will vote on these JEPs beginning Monday, January 20.

If you have concerns about this procedure, voice them now.



Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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