[standards-jig] Icon Styles again (JEP-0038)

Sebastiaan 'CBAS' Deckers cbas at screaming3d.com
Sat Dec 21 21:45:12 UTC 2002

Adam Theo wrote:
> Well, another problem I have with trying to create a generic object tag 
> for every multimedia file is that not all multimedia files have the same 
> types of attributes. I'm thinking about adding 'length', 'width', 
> 'filesize', and 'seconds' attributes for the graphic and sound tags to 
> help clients figure out if the multimedia files are the proper "size" 
> for the client. I could create an object tag with all fo these 
> attributes, but then where does it stop? I'm sure flash, java files, and 
> other "new" multimedia files have attributes other than the basic 
> graphic & sound ones.
> I do allow for the support of these "new" media types, in the <x/> 
> element included in the latest version. Using those, developers can 
> agree on standard ways to define different multimedia files, including 
> all needed attributes. This allows the most-often used multimedia types 
> of graphics and sounds to remain uncluttered.

Agreed.  Simplicity over extensibility.  The <x/> element has long been 
the standard way to extend Jabber-stuff.

>> 4. It seems a bit messy to include things like <version/> and 
>> <author/> in
>> the body of the XML file that defines the icon style. Usually
>> meta-information like this is contained in a header of some sort (this is
>> typical in XHTML, DocBook, and the JEP format itself), and I'd prefer to
>> see the same thing done for <icondef/> files -- we could use <meta/> or
>> <header/> or <iconinfo/> as a wrapper for all the meta-information.
> I don't like this approach for the same reason you do like it: personal 
> preference and how it looks to our eyes :-) I prefer to have as few 
> levels as possible going down into the XML, as long as it doesn't scroll 
> off a screen.
> Since it is just a personal preference, I'd be willing to change it if 
> the majority of opinions here say so. Democracy!

I don't care much for the <meta/> or <head/> subdividers either. 
Doesn't add any value to the spec.

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