[standards-jig] JIDs

Matthias Wimmer jabber at matthias-wimmer.de
Sat Feb 2 13:53:03 UTC 2002


Is there any clearer documentation of what characters are allowed within
JIDs than http://docs.jabber.org/proto/html/identity.html?
The above document just reference to RFC2396. But I don't think all our
used JIDs conform with this RFC. Think about the two SMTP gateway
implementations we have. They use "user%smtp-domain at gateway-domain" as
JID. This JID doesn't conform the BNF grammar in appendix A. The problem
with it is the "%". This character is (according to the given syntax)
only allowed as first of three characters in an "escaped" (the other two
characters have to be hex digits.

Should the "%" character be allowed within the user part of a JID or
not? If it's allowed we can't refer to RFC2396.

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