[standards-jig] RFC Draft 3.2

Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 21 17:09:09 UTC 2002

Howdy Peter.

On 2/20/02 8:05 PM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:

> Thanks for the continued feedback. I must admit at this point it's getting
> hard for me to make changes since I'm getting a bit tired of this doc....

Oh I very very very much know what you mean!  :)  I'm running my own doc
through an edit cycle and I absolutely abhor my own work now.  :)

>> 1.4  Excellent.  I like the fact that you have included the standard RFC
>> nomenclature here.  However, throughout the document, you have not
>> capitalized the instances of these words (MUST, MAY, etc) to indicate their
>> usage as RFC standard words.  I think you should do so (search and replace
>> but watch for what is a keyword and what is just text).
> Hmph. Do all other RFCs always capitalize these terms? I don't see that as
> necessary adn I certainly don't want to be seen as shouting.

Yes.  When you capitalize one of the keywords, it lets the reader know that
you are using the word in the sense outlined in the formatting RFC you
referenced.  So saying, "you must do something" is just english and can be
interpreted by the reader to say, I really really should but hey, if I have
a really good reason not too...  But if you say, "you MUST do something"
then you are required to do so to conform to the standard as per the
definition of "MUST" in the RFC.  It shouldn't be that big a deal.  Just
have your editor do a prompted search and replace on the document for each
of the keywords.  For each instance, see if you're using it in the RFC sense
or just as a descriptive English word.

>> 5.4 list
>>> From - A client sending a 'from' attribute to jabberd will cause the server
>> to respond with a <stream:error> and bail (and thus not ignore it as this is
>> indicating).  Shouldn't this description match the behavior of jabberd?
> In my experience jabberd will not bail if you include a 'from' attribute
> in the stream header. Just tested it to verify and no bail-out occurred.
> Works as designed. :)

Really...  I tested against a port of jabberd for MacOS X and it bailed but
it could be the port.  In any case, if the spec is right you can just ignore
me!  :)

>> 6.2.5  I think it would be good to consistently format the examples.
>> Previously string constants are quoted with single quotes (').  These
>> examples use double quotes (").  Although this is valid, it may be
>> confusing.  Can you you one or the other throughout?  The same issue applies
>> to how you are formatting the attribute names (') and values (").  I'm not
>> sure if it is consistent or not but just wanted to mention it here.
> ick, too much work! :)

>> 6.4.1  "id" bullet.  Second sentence.  I think the word "may" should be
>> "SHOULD" or "MUST".  I would vote for MUST.
> no, that's not right -- there is no requirement to feed the id back AFAIK

OK.  You're the boss.  :)


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