[standards-jig] Re: [Foundation] streamlining the JIGs

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Feb 25 21:27:39 UTC 2002

> I really think we need two lists and one
> JIG.  Standards-discuss, standards-announce, and the Standards JIG.
> Standards-discuss being what is now standards-jig, and the announce list is
> read-only, low-traffic, for JEP announcements that Peter is doing and other
> significant Jabber announcements.

We can probably do this with two existing lists:


> I also agree.  Particularly with the need to consolidate information and
> provide clearer organization of what we already have.  We may be placing too
> high a hope on JabberStudio to take care of these problems...a lot may just
> end up being a bunch of grunt work...  ;)

It usually is. :)

> 1.  Immediately disband all but the Standards JIG.

I'm okay with that. Besides, IMHO security is a natural part of any

> 2.  Standards JIG is the forum of discussions of all experimental JEPs.  It
> will provide two mailing lists for carrying out these discussions (announce
> and discuss).  All JEPs will be discussed on standards JIG before submission
> to the council. After acceptance, the JEP will be ushered through the JEP
> approval process using the standards JIG for discussions and debates.

Clearer statement of what I thought I was saying.
> 3.  On a vote in Standards JIG (standards-discuss) of no less than 3 days
> and no more than 7 days, a "tiger team" may be formed.  Votes are Apache
> style (+1,0,-1): you must have +1 or 0 from all voters who decide to vote.
> Any -1 vote will prevent the formation of the tiger team.  Voters must be
> standards-discuss subscribers and members of the Jabber Software Foundation.
> -1 votes will only be accepted if a reason is provided along with the vote.
> Tiger team creation votes are started by the proposed tiger team leader by
> posting a tiger team proposal to the discuss list which include the team
> name, its leader(s), goals (JEPs to create or issues to investigate), and
> schedule for accomplishing the goals.  Tiger teams may be disbanded by a
> vote of no confidence following the same voting procedure as tiger team
> formation.  A vote of no confidence may be called by any JSF member.
> Tiger team
> Only tiger teams may submit JEPs for approval by the council.

Arrgh, no! Too much process, IMHO. When a topic gets hot and heavy on the
standards-jig list, we'll just informally tell people to go off on their
own for a while (JaberStudio list, Yahoo Groups, I don't care where) and
come back when they've settled down. No vote, just "get lost for a while
and come back with results sometime". Besides, limiting JEP-submission to
these tiger teams goes against what is working now, which is much more
informal than that.


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