[standards-jig] Re: [Foundation] streamlining the JIGs

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Tue Feb 26 23:47:45 UTC 2002

> How about we use this list to work our way through the post-RFC list from
> stpeter, and focus on getting those JEPs written and published?  Any areas
> that will need additional structure should quickly arise in trying to do

A good point.

> this.  I'll commit to the 0k-auth one, and have the presence/invisibility
> one to clean up and submit yet as well.  x:expire and x:event are two
> great ones for someone who wants to get bootstrapped in creating JEPs,
> very simple and straight forward.

I'll take jabber:x:envelope. It needs standardising since mod_filter
uses it.

> So I'm +1 for grunting ;-)


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