[standards-jig] jabber:x:rdbm

Justin Kirby justink at rochester.rr.com
Thu Feb 28 20:04:24 UTC 2002

The original intention wasn't to rehash SQL into xml... unfortunately I 
got stuck in that model.  The reason I xmlified everything was to remove 
the requirement of understanding SQL on the clients. The goal was to 
simplify the client requirements as much as possible. (not sure if I 
acheived that)

Placing a <query> element to embed SQL is a good idea... though I think 
it should be an optional feature and not a requirement.

Will look into XMLQuery ... see if that would work.

Thnx for the input

Iain Shigeoka wrote:

>On 2/28/02 7:37 AM, "Justin Kirby" <justink at rochester.rr.com> wrote:
>>Well, since I have not received any response on jdev, figured I would
>>try this list. (it seems more appropriate anyway)
>>I have hacked up a quick doc describing SQL/RDBMs over jabber. I am
>>trying to find out if this is practical for anyone besides me.
>>Any ideas/suggestions/comments are welcome!
>I don't want to sound contrary but wouldn't it be easier to just use raw SQL
>inside of the <query> rather than XMLify the entire query?
>If we want to go XML for XMLs sake, we may be better served in using XML
>Query since it is a standard.  Why reinvent the wheel?  It does lack updates
>but we could use the most popular extension of it for updates...
>My 2 cents.  :)
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