[standards-jig] Docu of jabber:iq:auth

DJ Adams dj.adams at pobox.com
Thu Jan 10 09:08:58 UTC 2002

Happy new year to this list

Well, I'd be fibbing if I said that churning out more documentation
was one of my new year's resolutions, but nevertheless, I'd like to
continue where we left off last year, and pick up the document-the-
namespaces thread again. Temas and x-virge are busily JEPping the
existing draft-protocol namespaces, so perhaps an effort to start
documenting the existing standard-protocol namespaces again will
complement their work nicely.

Along the same lines as what I did last time for jabber:x:event, I
propose to do the same for jabber:iq:auth. I picked this one simply
as it was the first iq or x namespace that I came to in the list of
namespaces I made [1].
[1] http://www.pipetree.com/jabber/sc-jig/ns-usage.html

To pluck a date from thin air, I'll stick my neck out and say I'll
be finished doing jabber:iq:auth by the end of next week (I've got
rather a lot of stuff on at work next week).

So if anyone wants to help and pick another standard namespace to
do, speak up! :-)


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