[standards-jig] Message Body rendering conformance.

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Sun Jan 20 05:39:12 UTC 2002

Hey howdy.  I had an idea and wanted to put it before 
the big shots.  They told me to send it here.  ;-)

So the idea is this.  We have a problem right now 
with how clients handle the rendering/formatting of 
the message body.  Now I know about the xhtml spec and
this has *nothing* to do with that.  If you want bold,
italicism, etc. then you should use the xhtml.  No,
what I'm talking about are things like the irc tags
and emoticons.  Now when I go to use the aim or the
msn system, etc. then I get a consist look and feel
in the formatting of a message.  I know what the other
person is going to see when i send them something.
Unfortunately we do not yet have this sort of 
congruence in jabber and I think this only hurts us.

Here's what I propose:
We need a system.  A system that clients can implement
that gives all of us a similar format to work with.
1.  We need emoticons.  These should be smileys, winks,
    etc. and they need to be free (BSD lisenced icons).
    For these emoticons we also need standard maps 
    from text -> graphic that people can use in their 
2.  We need a standard list of irc like tags.  As it 
    stands, almost all clients implement /me for example.
    I would also propose others for standard convenience.
    /c for close, /subject for a subject change, and 
    anything else people can think of.

Now this would all be optional of course since we can't
and don't want to force people to use a system they 
don't care for.  But atleast then we have set of standards
and free for use icons to work off of.

I don't know, lmk what you think.

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