[standards-jig] JEP:0015 Account Transfer

Shawn Wilton shawn at black9.net
Wed Jan 23 08:55:14 UTC 2002

Yes there is always the option of not implementing, but in all honesty, it
would be pretty easy to whip up a dumb client that would do this for you.  I
may even be interested in doing this in Java if there were enough people
really interested.  Free to all via OS of course.  ;-)

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Or, of course, you could not implement/disable this extension :)

Casey Crabb wrote:
> If it were up to me I would have 'migration to' and 'migration from' as
> two distinct options in the server; such that you could allow 'migration
> to', but deny 'migration from'.
> -Casey
> On Tue, 2002-01-22 at 20:03, Max Metral wrote:
>>As a "paid" service provider, I'd have absolutely 0 interest (in theory)
>>allowing this behavior.  Will the protocol allow a server to refuse this?

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