[standards-jig] Constraining standards? (was: Discussion onJEP-0016: Server-Based Privacy Rules)

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Jan 24 20:56:51 UTC 2002

Iain Shigeoka wrote:
> On 1/23/02 12:25 PM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at jabber.org> wrote:
>>>I understand that there are "core" protocols that are "required" of Jabber
>>>compliant software.  And then all the rest are "recommendations" with the
>>>possibility of overlapping/competing/alternative recommendations to do the
>>>same thing.  And now there are suggestions of including "style guides" in
>>>addition to recommendations (for things like standard emoticons).
>>I think style guides are outside the purview of the JSF. IMHO, of course.
> I would sort of agree.  On the other hand, if a lot of the "standards"
> outside of some core set are "recommendations", they sort of become "style
> guides" too...  I will readily agree there are some obvious cases that fall
> into the two camps, but the grey area between may be a tricky place to draw
> a line...  If that is the case, perhaps we should allow style guides like
> the emoticon issue to be at least managed by JSF?

At absolute least, it would be nice to see such things in JEP format, if 
not officially approved and whatnot

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