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Matthew Bell matthew at bells.mcb.net
Fri Jan 25 17:06:01 UTC 2002

Further to the discussion at the JSF meeting on 23/01/02 (yes, that's dd/mm/yy), I had these ideas about the 'JabberPowered' logo/slogan:
Firstly, I think there should be more than one JabberPowered tier; perhaps: 'JabberBased' for software that uses the jabber protocols/interacts with jabber in any way; 'FreelyJabberPowered' (someone better with words ought to change that ;) for use with free software components; and 'JabberPowered' for j.com/closed or non-free components? Hopefully that would help get more mileage out of the free/open source software side fo things while not squelching the commercial interest?
Also, as was stated in the the JSF meeting, there should be a code of conduct clause for using the logo/slogan; something like acting in the interests of the jabber community, for 'FreelyJabberPowered', and something similar for commercial ventures, but more suited to a business model; perhaps also a clause in this that the JSF/Council can revoke the use of the logo/slogan at their discretion.
Secondly, with reference to te whole enforcement side of things, links with the ApacheSF or even the FSF might help here. Might be worth making it a point of discussion with jmbarry.

Matthew Bell

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