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Iain Shigeoka iainshigeoka at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 26 07:46:06 UTC 2002

On 1/25/02 9:06 AM, "Matthew Bell" <matthew at bells.mcb.net> wrote:

> Further to the discussion at the JSF meeting on 23/01/02 (yes, that's
> dd/mm/yy), I had these ideas about the 'JabberPowered' logo/slogan:
> Firstly, I think there should be more than one JabberPowered tier; perhaps:
> 'JabberBased' for software that uses the jabber protocols/interacts with
> jabber in any way; 'FreelyJabberPowered' (someone better with words ought to
> change that ;) for use with free software components; and 'JabberPowered' for
> j.com/closed or non-free components? Hopefully that would help get more
> mileage out of the free/open source software side fo things while not
> squelching the commercial interest?
> Also, as was stated in the the JSF meeting, there should be a code of conduct
> clause for using the logo/slogan; something like acting in the interests of
> the jabber community, for 'FreelyJabberPowered', and something similar for
> commercial ventures, but more suited to a business model; perhaps also a
> clause in this that the JSF/Council can revoke the use of the logo/slogan at
> their discretion.
> Secondly, with reference to te whole enforcement side of things, links with
> the ApacheSF or even the FSF might help here. Might be worth making it a point
> of discussion with jmbarry.

Great points.  I think the issue is large enough that we really should try
and structure the process so we have a fighting chance of creating a logo
program we are all happy with in some reasonable timeframe.  I'm not exactly
sure where to start...

Perhaps we should back up and start with either target markets or ultimate
goals.  I hate to keep harping on "vision statement" crud.  "Crud" because
like lawyers I'm not very keen on dealing with it myself but it is often a
useful tool for getting where you need to go.  The reason I keep going back
to either target markets or goals is it will help us create "acceptance
criteria".  In other words, we'll know when we've done the job we set out to

Anyone want to take a stab?  Matthew I think your suggestion could be used
as a good beginning for it...


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