[standards-jig] Outstanding Issues

Joe Hildebrand jhildebrand at jabber.com
Wed Jul 10 18:01:27 UTC 2002

Jeremie <jeremie at jabber.org> writes:

>> > #7) Improved semantics for offline msgs and msg storage
>> > - JEP 13 touched on this, but it seemed to die away.
>> > This is one of those selfish ones, but a lot more
>> > people seem interested in it recently as well.
> The xdbid namespace thing is very strange in that JEP, but
> the concept is good.  I've always wanted to apply the same
> idea to any message archive and access to it, a namespace
> that handles a simple subset of pop/imap/nntp, allowing a
> client to display a box of messages (could be your offline
> messages, server message board, conference room history,
> mailing list gateway, newsgroups, view of your imap
> folders, slashdot/webboard comments, and so on).  If it's
> simple enough to get a few clients to support it and build
> some services to use it, it could be quite handy, and if
> you need anything beyond it's simple offerings, use imap.

JEP-0013 is a starting point for this sort of thing.  We
added support for this to our server, since several of our
customers asked for it.  I know of at least one other
protocol in this space as well (one of our big customers
added their own implementation).

I could get behind making it more imap-like, and I'm not at
all attached to JEP-0013, since there's really no client
support for it.  

I *did* do a prototype of using 'real' POP3 to talk to my
offline messages using the JEP-0013 protocol, and it was
kind of nifty.

Joe Hildebrand

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