[standards-jig] Serious Issues with JEP 0024

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Thu Jul 11 23:03:19 UTC 2002

Julian Missig wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 22:27, Adam Theo wrote:
>>I'm not asking to support <message> instead of <iq>, but support *both*.
>>Possibly by by specifying what type of element (iq or message) to use as
>>well as type of message/iq (normal, chat, headline...).
>>Now, I feel the ultimate solution to this problem would be what was
>>started with JNG, where there was only one top level element <route
>>to="" from="" xmlns=""> that carried any XML data to the intended
>>destination. No <message>, no <iq>, just different namespaces covering
>>custom XML. But we are not in JNG yet, so I guess we have to make
>>solutions for the here and now.
> I'll have to pipe in here and say I agree with theo. I would definitely
> like to see a way for pub/sub to work with <message> *and* <iq>. I
> really don't know the details on the server level, but it definitely
> seems nasty to me to be adding the routing (pub/sub) data within the
> message, but I don't think we have a better choice right now, do we? I
> don't know. I know I'd like to see <message> supported, but I also
> recognize how nasty it is to have routing data hidden down that deep in
> the message... servers shouldn't have to dig in to route :(

Yeah, same here. Hmm... /me ponders. How about publishers publish any 
packet (with some possible restrictions) to a topic, then that message 
gets duplicated and sent out to all subscribers to that topic? The 
pubsub component would check to make sure the packet is from the correct 
publisher. This way practically any type of packet could be easily 
published to subscribers. What functionality would be lost if this was 
done over having all publishings in the iq packet under the 
jabber:iq:pubsub namespace? Whatever functionality is lost, I'm sure it 
could be re-created in the any-packet-for-publishing method I describe.

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