[standards-jig] Jabber Environments

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Wed Jul 17 19:47:19 UTC 2002

I've put together a few of my ideas about the future structure and 
organization of Jabber. It will be used to lead into a few of my other 
ideas and projects going on in the background now, so I'd like to get it 
laid out now.

It involves Jabber's future as a generic data routing protocol and its 
relationship to third-party protocol and platform projects. It is 
intended to help streamline the growing complexity of Jabber's features 
and open the door for Jabber to be used for a wide range of pruposes, 
not just instant communications and presence.

It is called "Jabber Environments", and breaks Jabber up into a 3-tiered 
platform, with the generic routing protocol on the very bottom, a core 
set of interlocking tools such as disco and pubsub on top of that, and 
then a layer of complex application environments on top.


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