[standards-jig] Genicons/Emoticons

Adam Theo theo at theoretic.com
Thu Jul 18 02:45:55 UTC 2002

Stephen Lee wrote:
> Adam,
> Unless I mis-read the jep, what you are saying is there are only a
> Maximum of 2 Icon text's ? One is text the other is alt? In the next rev
> of myJabber due out early next week we use one comma separated tag ,
> then any number can be added. We also have things that effect the way
> they are used in the client. So I'm not sure this could be used by us
> without losing some functionality.

'fraid you did misread :-) In the Schema definition in Section 3.1 it 
lists the <alt> tag as "unbounded", which means any number from 0 to 
infinity. No rpobs, though, I'll be taking Mr Schumacher's suggestion 
and including an example of extra alt tags in the JEP.

> I guess my question is , is this really a standards issue or a help doc
> on how to write a client?

Both. It's not part of the routing protocol, that's for sure, but it is 
a standard to help client developers agree on something. After all, as I 
see it, the JSF and Council are not entirely about the open protocol, 
they are also about open standards for the Jabber *platform* as well.

> I followed this thread earlier on before you started making sense of it
> Adam :-) and I'm not sure if you will get all client developers to agree
> on this. What do some of the other client developers think??

I doubt I will get all of them. But my plan is to at least get half of 
them, allowing the other half to do as they want. This is not a spec 
that developers must support or not be considered "jabber". It is if 
anything an open standard/guideline for the Jabber IM platform.

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