[standards-jig] Jabber Icons (JEP-0038)

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Thu Jul 18 09:25:03 UTC 2002

> My first comment is that  a complete list of emoticons/genicons should
> be agreed upon.  That way the themes all implement the same things.
>  This would eliminate having to rank icon sets.

If you want to read back though the archives, you will notice that people
this (and the JDEV) list can't even agree on how to implement iconsets, let
alone the icons themselves.  Also, since you rapidly run out of things you
can do with a single line of ASCII art, you have to resort to the ::word::
style strings, which tent to be very English-centric.  People with other
languages as a first language will probably prefer to have their own icon

I think Adam has done the right thing here by listing a suggested base set
and making everything else optional/arbitrary.


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