[standards-jig] Jabber Icons (JEP-0038)

jpobst jpobst at utk.edu
Thu Jul 18 18:21:49 UTC 2002

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but the vast majority of win32 clients 
use a RichTextBox to display chat messages, and I can't really think of any 
way to make them support SVG, short of having to find an external library to 
just change them back into a supported format which loses all the SVG benefits 
and is a hassle.  While I agree you should only allow one format so that users 
don't have to worry about which version they need for their clients, I'm 
afraid there will be a lot less clients implementing this if its SVG.

Like I said, please correct me if I'm wrong.


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Execellent. I just took a look, and am amazed at how quickly SVG support 
has popped up. Why, it seems like only 2 years ago the spec was being 
made in the first place...

OK, I've now decided (unless there is great opposition to it) that SVG 
will replace PNG in the JEP as the only accepted image format. Not only 
will SVG be open and widely supported, but also allows for slick 
animations like Flash.

Thanks Iain Shigeoka and Jim Ray.

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