[standards-jig] Candidate Position Papers - 2002

Ryan Eatmon reatmon at jabber.org
Fri Jul 19 23:14:17 UTC 2002

Hello again,

   Now that we have our 14 nominees for the Council, it is time for each
of them to produce a position paper.  The purpose of the position paper
is so that you can get to know them better, know where they stand on
issues, and find out what is important to them in terms of Jabber.

   Position papers are due to the members mailing list by next Thursday
midnight.  (I know this is off schedule, but I got busy at home and work
and did not get this out yesterday.)


   Feel free to put anything you want into the position paper so that
everyone can get to know you better and where you stand.  Answer the
typical questions:

   1) Who are you?
   2) Work history.
   3) Area of contribution to Jabber.
   4) etc..

   Also offer some opinions on some relevant topics that are going on in
the JSF.  Pub/Sub, Feature Negotiation/Browse/Disco, Security, etc...

   Finally, everyone has a dream for Jabber.  As a council person what do
you want to see happen during the 2002-2003 term?

   One last note... I want the papers to be well done and impactful, but
don't make them into dissertations.  Say enough to get your point
across, link to web sites or other documents to flush out a topic, but
please give enough information that we will still know what you are
talking about. =)

   I can't wait to read everyone's papers!

   For reference, the Debian Project Leader Elections (which we are
trying to loosely base this off of) has their process for this year
available online:


Under the Nominations section is a platform paper for each nominee.  You
can get an idea of where we would like to see the Council elections go
to.  Although again, no dissertaions and 15 page position papers.


Ryan Eatmon            reatmon at ti.com
High Performance Analog EDA Core Team

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