[standards-jig] Jabber Icons (JEP-0038)

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Sat Jul 20 01:08:11 UTC 2002

> Yes, file size can be an issue, but I don't think it should be a deciding
> factor when it comes to deciding which formats to accept.  When someone
> sends me a set of emoticons I should be able to have the following
> choices:
> 1. Download the entire set of emoticons, or only the ones I need.
> 2. Download only the emoticons that my Jabber client can support.  I like
> PNG and SVG, and I encourage their use, but I realize that not every
> platform has libraries to support them, like cell phones or the Commodora
> Amiga (I'll probably get flamed for that one).
> 3. Refuse the transfer altogether.  I may want to just use my own
> smiley face graphic to express happiness, and why should it matter for the
> other end user if I am the only one that can see it?

Just to clarify...  These icon sets aren't going to be pushed from one
client to another.  They are static and entirely independent of who you are
sending messages to.  They are in effect, part of your client.  You will
never send them to anyone other than using the file transfer feature - If
you want to share them, you can upload them to the web etc.  Think of them
more like an (optional) skin or theme for your client.  What Adam is trying
to do, is standardise the format so that the same icon sets can be used
across different clients, rather than every client author coming up with
their own format for iconsets.


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