[standards-jig] Jabber Icons (JEP-0038)

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Sat Jul 20 10:43:31 UTC 2002

> >Just to clarify...  These icon sets aren't going to be pushed from one
> >client to another.  They are static and entirely independent of who you
> >sending messages to.  They are in effect, part of your client.  You will
> >never send them to anyone other than using the file transfer feature - If
> >you want to share them, you can upload them to the web etc.  Think of
> >more like an (optional) skin or theme for your client.  What Adam is
> >to do, is standardise the format so that the same icon sets can be used
> >across different clients, rather than every client author coming up with
> >their own format for iconsets.
> >
> Actually, standardising the format is just the first step.  Next would
> be a mechanism to let other clients know which iconset you are using so
> that they can render your messages "correctly" (depending on whether
> they want that of course).  And eventually icons will be exchanged
> automagically between Jabber clients.  But Adam Teo decided not to put
> this in the spec because there's just no simple way to organise such a
> thing (he said something like a fantastic, distributed "super-JUD" would
> be required ;-) ).

I can't see why you would want to send icons between clients.  I know it
won't be supported in my client.  It just seems to be p0rn spammers heaven.
If you want to be able to send images in Jabber messages I imagine there are
better ways to do that.  This isn't what this JEP is about.  I think the
pros & cons of this has been covered (to death) on the JDEV list.  Let's
just focus on the JEP as it stands.


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