[standards-jig] Want to start adding new XML stanzas to Jabber for TelAlert

Iain Shigeoka iain.shigeoka at messaginglogic.com
Mon Jul 29 15:49:18 UTC 2002

On 7/26/02 5:12 PM, "John Antypas" <jantypas at vytek.com> wrote:

> Hello to all the Jabber experts out there?  This may or may not be the
> right place -- perhaps it's JDev, but I'll try here and hope some kind
> soul can point me to the right place.

Standards-jig is the right place to do it.

> We, here at Vytek, would like to extend Jabber's servers to allow them
> to support our TelAlert product.  We could just treat our server as
> another external network, but our messaging system supports features not
> found in the Jabber protocol such as response lists, canned responses,
> etc -- things useful for low-bandwidth wireless.
> What I'd like to be able to do is add new XML stanzas directly into
> Jabber's protocool for our feature sets.  If that proves to be
> challenge, where would I go to learn how to add an entirely new
> namespace for our TelAlert product features?

To do the former (add functionality) you will probably need to do the latter
(add namespaces to Jabber protocols).  Your extensions sound like server
functionality extensions (internal functioning of the server is not part of
the Jabber standards so you don't need to do anything there).  To have the
client access these features you will probably want to create Jabber IQ
extension protocols.  You can look at any of the existing jabber:iq:*
protocols for examples of how this is done.

Of course, this list is a great place to discuss and hash out details so
post ideas and proposals and people will chime in.


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