[standards-jig] Call for Experience: jabber:iq:rpc

Nicholas Perez nick at jabberstudio.org
Tue Jul 30 18:15:39 UTC 2002

Well I find it extremely stable and it makes sense (com'on its wrapping 
XMLRPC inside an iq how easy is that?). I have implemented this in two 
projects now (JabminRPC and JabminRPC++ both dead, but i implemented it 
:) and find that this neds to pushed to final. Its a functional, doesnt 
do anything funky, and people agree on it (or don't care . whichever). 
just my US$0.02


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:

>It's high time that we move the jabber:iq:rpc spec from Draft to Final (it
>was voted to Draft on 2001-09-27!). However, before doing so it will be
>important to gather feedback from those who have implemented this spec
>(i.e., JEP-0009). So as I have just done with jabber:x:data, I am now
>issuing a "call for experience" with jabber:iq:rpc. Please send your
>thoughts and suggestions to the standards-jig mailing list before the end
>of the day on August 15 so that the JEP author can have enough time to
>incorporate feedback before I send this JEP to the Council for final
>approval on or about August 30.
>And if you haven't yet added support for this "Jabber-RPC" spec to your
>libraries and clients, now might be a good time to give it a whirl!
>Peter Saint-Andre
>Jabber Software Foundation
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