[standards-jig] Call for Experience: jabber:x:data

Joe Hildebrand jhildebrand at jabber.com
Tue Jul 30 23:20:05 UTC 2002

I've sent some of these to reatmon directly, but not all.

- It would be nice to have a form title.  If it's a message, the
subject can be used, but in an IQ, there's nothing good to hang
on to.

- Need examples of messages with x:data inside.  What happens to
any body?  I suggest that it should be ignored if you know how to
process x:data.  Is the responder allowed to insert a body, for
human consumption?  I did this with exodus, and it's handy for

- JEP needs examples of list-multi and text-multi.  Not that it's
hard, just for completeness.

- Need guidelines on how to deal with whitespace in instructions
and fixed.

- I suggest that if more interesting workflow is needed, where
the response to the form goes to someone other than the sender, a
jabber:x:header can be added.

- Later, once we have file transfer more ironed out, let's add a

- The reported stuff and meaningful iq results are really not
usable when not in an iq:search response.  If I had it to do
over, I'd suggest that the results of a search using x:data would
look something more like:

<iq type="result" from="bloodbank.jabber.org" id="data3">
  <results xmlns='jabber:x:data'>
      <field var='jid'><value>bsmith at jabber.org</value></field>
      <field var='gender'><value>male</value></field>
      <field var='first'><value>Bob</value></field>
      <field var='last'><value>Smith</value></field>
      <field var='blood_type'><value>a+</value></field>
      <field var='willing'><value>yes</value></field>
      <field var='pints'><value>1</value></field>
      <field var='jid'><value>bvila at jabber.org</value></field>
      <field var='gender'><value>male</value></field>
      <field var='first'><value>Bob</value></field>
      <field var='last'><value>Vila</value></field>
      <field var='blood_type'><value>o-</value></field>
      <field var='willing'><value>no</value></field>
      <field var='pints'><value>0</value></field>

Where <item/> is in the jabber:x:data namespace.  I don't think
this is a hardship, since we know that the recipient knows about
x:data at this point.

Overall, I really liked the spec, though.  It works well in
practice, and had enough detail to implement easily.

Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at jabber.org> writes:

> Now that the required 60-day waiting period has expired for moving the
> jabber:x:data spec (JEP-0004) from Draft to Final, I would like to issue a
> "Call for Experience" from people who have implemented this spec. The
> intent is to find out what people have learned and to discuss possible
> improvements before the Council votes to approve this spec as a Final
> standard. You can see this as a "sanity check". Please send your thoughts
> and suggestions to the standards-jig mailing list. We will allow 30 days
> for further discussion and modification, but please post to standards-jig
> in the next two weeks (by the end of the day on August 15) so the Council
> and the JEP authors can address any remaining issues before I send this to
> a vote by the Council 30 days from now.
> And for those who have not implemented this yet, now might be a good time
> to do so in order to uncover additional issues or possible improvements.
> Thanks!
> Peter
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